2017 Falmouth Road Race – It Was Hot

Hi, guys!

I ran my 5th Falmouth Road Race yesterday, and it was a total blast! I know I’ve said this in previous blog posts, but the Falmouth Road Race is truly the best race ever. The course is absolutely gorgeous, it’s well-organized, and the crowd can’t be beat – it’s basically like running through a party for the entire 7 miles! If you’re a runner, I highly recommend that you put this race on your bucket list!

Race morning started bright and early with coffee and breakfast.

I ate my usual go-to, pre-race breakfast of toast with peanut butter and banana. This meal never lets me down!

After breakfast, Marisa and I got ourselves ready for the race and then headed out to battle traffic and find a place to park. Falmouth is crazy the morning of the race, so we gave ourselves plenty of time to get ourselves to the buses to take us to Woods Hole. (The race is point-to-point, so the buses shuttle you to the start line.)

We arrived at Woods Hole at about 45 minutes before the start, so we had plenty of time to use the Porta-potties and snap some photos.

I just had a the photo below because 1) it cracked me up and 2) it just shows you how sunny and hot it was the day of the race!

And here’s the Instagram-worthy photo! 🙂

The race started at 9:00 AM, and we were over the start line about 10 minutes later. (The race organizers use a wave start and we lined up in the middle of the 9-minute group.)

Ready to run!

The first mile of the race was super crowded, but I was more than okay taking things slow and steady. The course winds around Nobska Lighthouse, which is just the prettiest sight, especially with thousands of runners in the distance. It continues along a number of semi-hilly roads, which I immediately felt. Ugh. I was a little worried with how blah I felt during the first two miles (it was already pretty hot), so I set a goal to not stop running and just enjoy the race experience.

  • Mile 1: 9:09
  • Mile 2: 9:49

Around mile 3 or so, the course flattened out along Martha’s Vineyard Sound. The sun was blazing down, so I slowed my pace a little, but I didn’t let myself stop. I also took advantage of the water stations (I must have dumped a half dozen cups of water on my head) and spectators spraying hoses along the route to keep cool. It was blazin’ out there!

  • Mile 3: 9:20
  • Mile 4: 9:49
  • Mile 5: 9:44

The final couple of miles of the race were totally packed with spectators.  It was awesome! Everyone was having such a great time, so it gave me a little boost to pick up my pace.

  • Mile 6: 9:15

The last mile was by far the toughest – it was so hot and my legs felt like a million pounds (dang, deadlifts and box jumps), but I knew there was a huge hill right before the finish line, so gave it everything I had to finish strong.

  • Mile 7: 8:45

Total: 1:05:39 (9:23)

It definitely wasn’t my fastest Falmouth Road Race, but it wasn’t my slowest either. I’m glad I was able to finish without stopping – and without any pain! I’ve had a rough run with injuries this year, so I’m extremely grateful that I was able to complete the race without stopping – and with a smile on my face (total cheese, but so true)! 🙂

Once I crossed the finish line, I grabbed ALLTHEWATER and then a few snacks from the refreshment tent.

Including my favorite Health Warrior bar – vanilla almond!

Woohoo! We did it!! And, bonus, we got medals this year. Every five years, the race gives away finisher medals, which was such a nice surprise! 🙂

What a race! The Falmouth Road Race is definitely still my favorite! 🙂 THANK YOU, Health Warrior for providing me and Marisa with bibs this year. I can’t express enough how thankful we are to experience such an amazing race!

P.S. Health Warrior kindly offered you guys 30% off on anything in the Health Warrior store with code carrotsncake30. I hope you decide to cash it in – I am definitely going to order some more vanilla almond bars. They’re perfect for seed cycling! 🙂

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The Day Before the Race

Good morning, friends!

I’m happy to report that I finished the Falmouth Road Race in one piece. Full recap coming later today, but, first, I wanted to share some adventures (some smart, some not-so-smart ) from the day before the race.

My morning started at 7:01 AM with a tiny human coming into our bedroom to wake us up and let us know that his alarm clock was glowing green. Once we had all eaten breakfast and were ready to go, Mal, Quinn, and I got into the car and drove to CrossFit.

The workout was a lonnnng one. Because I was running Falmouth the next day, I went light on the deadlift weight, but, holy cow, it seemed the longest 30-minute workout I’ve ever done.  By the end, I had a completed 20 rounds, which calculated to 100 deadlifts, 260 push-up (although, I did most of them on my knees), and 180 box jumps. Oops.

After CrossFit, we headed straight home. No Coffee Shack for us because we have been dining out a ton, living it up this summer, and we needed to reign it in a little bit.

At home, I mixed some iced coffee with SFH vanilla for a delicious protein shake (in the best insulated tumbler).

While I drank my protein shake, I rolled out my calf since it’s been helping quite a bit with my recent bout of plantar fasciitis. I figured a good roll-out before running 7 miles the next day was a smart idea.

For lunch, I made some creamy polenta with spinach and carrots from Trader Joe’s and mixed it with some leftover ground turkey ground chicken. It was an easy-peasy lunch in a matter of minutes!

After lunch, Quinn went down for his nap, so I immediately broke out my laptop to catch up on some work. I worked for a couple of hours and then broke into a coconut peanut butter Perfect Bar – one of my favorite flavors!

Maybe about an hour later, I packed up my things to drive to Falmouth for an overnight with my friend, Marisa.

Race day outfit: Brooks Running Pick Me Up Tank // Brooks Running Shorts (unfortunately, they don’t make this exact style anymore, but the Chaser 3″ are very similar) // Brooks Running Juno Sports Bra // Brooks Launch

On the way to Falmouth, Marisa and I made a pit-stop at Plymouth Bay Winery. I had heard it was a cute place, so we decided to check it out.

It was definitely cute inside and the staff was super nice, but the wine was just not our favorite. It was really fruity.

We still had a nice time during the tasting – I’m glad we stopped in!

After that, we headed straight to the Cape to stay with one of Marisa’s family friends in Falmouth.

Once we got settled at their house, we had some snacks and relaxed outside with them. They had the most perfect Cape house! 🙂

Marisa and I had a reservation at C Salt Wine Bar – the same place Mal and I dined on Thursday. I just loved it so much, I had to go back!

We started with wine and oysters.

And then we both ordered the Pan Seared Salmon with warm bacon-whole grain mustard vinaigrette, roasted potatoes, sprouts, pea shoots, cucumbers, and radishes. It was outstanding – we both could not stop raving about it! Marisa and I had quite the nice pre-race meal in Falmouth! 🙂

After dinner, we headed home, got ourselves ready for bed, and hit the hay semi-early to get some rest for race day.

Question of the Day

Where’s your favorite place to dine on Cape Cod?

Anyone run the Falmouth Road Race yesterday? How’d it go?


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